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Curriculum Vitae

Prof. dr hab. Fryderyk Zoll


First and last name:Fryderyk Zoll, Prof. dr hab.
Date and birth place:27th of February 1970, born in Cracow, Poland
Marital status:married



  • Professor at the Jagiellonian University of Cracow
  • Professor at the University of Osnabrueck
  • Professor (on a leave) at the Kozminski University in Warsaw



1988–1992Legal Study at the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland (1992, Master of Law, grade: very good, diploma with distinction);
1990-1991Study (winter) at the Heidelberg University Law School, Heidelberg, Germany;
1991–1992Study (winter and summer) at the Vienna University Law School, Vienna, Austria;
1993–1995Judge apprenticeship (1995, Judge examination, grade: very good);
1997Doctor of Law degree (dissertation in Polish, subject: The Control of The Standard Contract Terms in Comparative Perspective);
2001 Receiving of a habilitation degree from the faculty council of the Jagiellonian University;
2002Confirmation of the habilitation degree with specialization in civil law by the State Qualification Committee;
2003Associate Professor at Kozminski University in Warsaw, Chair of Civil and Labour Law
2006Professor at Jagiellonian University in Crakow; Faculty of Law and Administration; Chair of Civil Law
2011Professor at University of Osnabrück; European Legal Studies Institute
2012Professor degree granted by the President of Poland

Languages: Polish (MT) – fluent, English –fluent, German –fluent, French – good, Russian – good.



1993-1997Assistant position at the Jagiellonian University, Chair of the Civil Law;
1997-2006Adjunct at the Jagiellonian University, Chair of the Civil Law;
1997-2000Second adjunct position at the School of Finances and Banking, Radom, Poland;
1997-Director of the Civil Law General Practice Clinic at the Jagiellonian University;
2000-Director of the Co-ordination Unit of the Foreign Law Programs at the Jagiellonian University /French, German, Austrian, US – American and Ukrainian law program/;
2000-Leader of the Polish-German Center of the Banking Law at the Jagiellonian University;
2000-Leader of the European Postgraduate College (Kollegleiter für Europaeisches Graduiertenkolleg), Universities of Cracow, Meinz und Heidelberg;
2001-2004Adjunct position at the High School of Insurances, Kielce, Poland;
2001Establishing of the Program “School of Polish and European Law in Ternopil” at the Economic University of Ternopil, Ukraine (profound skills in project management);
2002Organization and establishing of the School of European and Polish Law in Vilnius, Lithuania (profound project management skills, comparative law practice);
2003-2010Head of the Chair of the Private Law at the Kozminski University, Warsaw, Poland;
2004Head of the local planning committee of the Cracow Conference of the Global Alliance for Justice Education;
2006-Professor of the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland;
2008-2010Head of the team drafting and reviewing the teaching program of the Polish National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution


2011Doctor honoris causa of the National University in Ternopil, Ukraine
20199th St. Petersburg International Legal Forum Private Law Prize, Shortlist
2013Medal for the Deserved for the Justice System (Medal of the Polish Ministry of Justice)
1997Scholarship "Start" of the Foundation of Polish Science [Fundacja Nauki Polskiej]



2005 - 2010Member of the Redaction Committee of Acquis Group;
2006 -Member of the Common Frame of Reference Team;
2007 - 2010Member of Drafting Team of the Polish Codification Commission for the Obligation and Succession Law;
2008 - 2010Head of the team drafting and reviewing the teaching program of the Polish National School of Judiciary and Public Prosecution;
2009 -Member of the R. Zimmermann team on the comparative succession law, Hamburg, Germany;
2010 - Associated member of the International Academy of Comparative Law;
2010 -Member of the german coalition for civil law;
2011 - 2015Member of the Codification Commission at the Polish Ministry of Justice;
2012 -Member of the European Law Institute;
2012 - 2015; 2019 - Member of the Council of the European Law Institute;
2013 -Member of the association for east-law in Kiel;
2013 - Member of the Polish-German coalition for lawyers;
2014 - Member of the German Association Henri Capitant;
Member of the German Association for East European Studies;
Member of the Mount Scopus Standards of Judicial Independence Association;
Member of the European Trade Code Team;
Member of the Research Group on the Law of Digital Services;
Member of the Committee on Legal Sciences of Polish Acadamy of Sciences, Warsaw;
Member of the Legal Committee of the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences, Kraków;
Member of the Steering Committee of the Academic Project of Civil Code in Poland;
2019 - Member of the Executive Commitee of the European Law Institute, Vienna;



1995Visiting professor at the Vienna Economic University (winter lectures of  bankruptcy law);
1997Scholarship of the Foundation of Polish Science (Fundacja Nauki Polskiej), Poland;
1997Young Leaders Exchange Project (Draeger Foundation) and Chicago Council on Foreign Relations, Chicago and Washington D.C., USA;
1999Scholarship of the Adam Krzyzanowski Fund, Jagiellonian University, Cracow, Poland;
1999Participation at the Workshop on Clinical Legal Education, organized by Public Interests Law Institute at the Columbia Law School, USA;
2000Participation at the Legal Ethic’s Conference of the ABA, New Orleans, USA;
2000DAAD winter scholarship at the University of Mainz, Germany;
2004Visiting professor in Kiel, Germany /teaching a polish private law (in German) and Polish bankruptcy law (in German);
2004–2005Visiting scholar (Gastdozent) at the Christian – Albert University (winter lectures on Polish private law, civil procedure and bankruptcy), Kiel, Germany;
2007-Visiting professor at the Johannes – Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany (winter lectures; teaching a European Private Law and I will be teaching in summer the German Law of Obligations, Particular Contracts;
2008-Visiting professor in Orleans, France /teaching European Private Law (in French);
2009-Visiting professor in Caen (France);
2009-Visiting professor in Muenster, Germany /teaching European Private Law (in German);
2010-2011Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft– Mercator Professor at the University of Osnabrueck, Germany;
2011Visiting professor in Kiel, Germany /teaching a European private law (in German);
2011-Professorship of the European, Polish and Comparative Private Law (50% Position for five years), University of Osnabrueck, Germany;
2012Visiting professor at the University of Antwerp;
2015Visiting Professor at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem



1999–2001Expert of the Parliament’s Committee on Housing Issues;
2000–2001Expert of the Governmental Center of Legislation;
2000Expert of the Parliamentary Under-commission of the project Law of the Protection of Lodgers;
2007-Participation in the drafting team on the model rules of judicial independence, Lichtenstein , Jerusalem, Cracow;
2009Expert opinion the Liberian maritime law, property law of the State of Hawaii and the German law of the intestate succession;
2010Expert on foreign law at the English High Court (London);
2010Expert on foreign law at the at the International Chamber of Commerce Court of Arbitration;
2010Expert on foreign law at the Arbitration Tribunal in Hague;
2010-Arbitrator at the Arbitration Tribunal at the Polish Chamber of Commerce.



2005-2010Member of the Research Group on the Existing EC Private Law - Acquis Group, working on Acquis Principles on the Contract Law in Europe and on the Consumer Law Compendium. The proposal for new structure applied in the Acquis Principles (the mirror structure), envisaged by Hans Schulte – Noelke and me, could be, in my believe, a model for future codifications. EU Project: Joint Network on European Private Law (CIT3-CT-2005-513351);
2007-2008Scientific coordinator of the research partnership and member of the research group at the UE Program - Leonardo da Vinci Project: Online Distance Learning Module in European Union Basic Law (Agreement No. TR/06/B/FF/PP/178127);
2007-2009Project on the performance and non – performance of obligation in the Polish and European Private Law founded by the State Committee for Scientific Research (KBN). Project subjected by the Polish Codification Commission to the further work as a part of the prospective Polish codification;
2008-2010"The Perspectives of Europeanization of the Law of Succession", funded by Directorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security of the European Commission (JLS/CJ/2007-1/28-30-CE022255300-62)
2009-2010Research coordinator and Member of the Research Group on the EU Project: The Perspectives of the Europeanization of the Law of Succession (www.pels.edu.pl). We have elaborated a set of substantive model rules on the European law of succession (JLS/CJ-2007.1/28);
2012-2016Maestro NCN „Made in Europe”-Europejskie prawne standardy jakości usług    swiadczonych konkurencyjnych warunkach globalnego rynku (UMO-2012/04/A/HS5/00709)
2014-2017Die bilaterale deutsch-polnische Privatrechtsharmonisierung im Prozess der Integration der Europäischen Union. Projekt Nr. 2016-14
2015-2017Eine Herausforderung für das Gerichtswesen: Gerechtigkeit und Gleichbehandlung von Prozessbeteiligten mit ausländischer Staatsangehörigkeit in inländischen Prozessen. Projekt Nr. 2015-08
2012-2017"Made in Europe" - European Legal Standards of Quality for Services on the Global Competetive Market. For the More service-centred Law of Obligations", funded by National Science Centre [Narodowe Centrum Nauki] (2012/04/A/HS5/00709)


"Homo Consumens, Homo ecologicus - Ecological Efficiency Test of the New Directive on Certain Aspects Concerning Contracts for the Sale of Goods", funded by National Science Centre [Narodowe Centrum Nauki] (2019/34/A/HS5/00124)


Rechtsvergleichung als Instrument im politischen Diskurs. Legitimität und Mißbrauch

False friends in der Rechtsvergleichung. Gefahren und Vorteile der Übertragung deutscher Rechtsinstitutionen in das polnische Schuld- und Sachenrecht [False Friends in the Comparative Law. Experience and Drawbacks of Transfering German Institutions in the Polish Law of Obligations and Property Law], funded by Deutsch-Polnische Wissenschaftsstiftung [German-Polish Scientific Foundation], with no:  2021-06, with sum of financing of 70 000 EUR