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 31st Willem C. Vis Moot Court 2023/2024                      

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Tamika Fenni, 
3rd Semester

Foreign Law Program (US), Student Assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Schulte-Nölke, Ambassador and Ambassador Coordinator of the "Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes" in Osnabrück, Diplôme d‘Etudes en Langue Française

It is my goal to become a very good lawyer. I consider participating in the Vis Moot Court a promising opportunity to get closer to this goal. I am looking forward to becoming acquainted with a new facet of law and to broaden my juridical horizon regarding international legal relations. To me, it is a special honor to represent the Osnabrück University beyond borders, and I am determined to face this challenge with full dedication.

Wiebke Knudsen, 
3rd Semester

Foreign Law Program (French), Additional Economic Training for Lawyers, Student Assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Wolff, two-time Participation in the OLMUN (UN-Management Game), Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera

The Vis Moot offers me the great opportunity to explore a new field of law with my team and at the same time to enhance my language and rhetorical skills. I am looking forward to the international exchange with students and practicing lawyers from all over the world and I am convinced that I will benefit from this experience both professionally and personally.

Maximilian Buchmann,
7th Semester

Foreign Law Program (UK)Student Assistant at the chair of Prof. Dr. Bieder, stay abroad in the UK, Constitutional Moot Court Osnabrück, Coroner’s Court Competition (His Majesty’s Coroner’s Court Hull)

I personally consider the Vis Moot Court to be an unparalleled legal challenge that not many students have the privilege of taking. I am looking forward to closely working together on the memoranda and to discussing and solving legal problems as a team. I firmly believe that I can grow both personally and professionally by competing against fellow international law students and in front of legal professionals from around the world. The Vis Moot is an invaluable opportunity to broaden my legal knowledge in the field of international arbitration, to sharpen my advocacy skills, and to gain international legal experience.

Leonard Wilkens,
7th Semester

Foreign Law Program (UK)stay abroad in ItaliaAdditional Economic Training for Lawyers

The Vis Moot Court offers the unique opportunity to compete with the team in an international competition against other universities and thus gain practical experience in arbitration. I am looking forward to gaining in-depth knowledge of UN Sales Law as well as improving my rhetorical and language skills not to forget getting to know lawyers and students from all over the world.


After Fenna Kruse and Jan-Willem Vortherms successfully represented the University of Osnabrück as participants last year and Ms. Kruse won an Honorable Mention for Best Individual Oralist, they are now looking forward to mentoring the new team as Student Coaches.