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 30th Moot 2022/2023              

Laura Jade Graf, 3rd semester


Foreign Law Program (UK), constitutional Moot Court Osnabrück, stay abroad in the US


I am convinced that the Vis Moot offers the unique opportunity during my studies to improve my rhetorical skills and legal English and to develop both professionally and personally. I am motivated by the opportunity to interact with students from other jurisdictions and practicing lawyers and to gain unique experiences.

Fenna Kruse, 3rd semester


Foreign Law Program (UK), stay abroad in Australia


The Vis Moot offers a fantastic opportunity to learn about a new area of law. The cooperation with practicing lawyers and the encounter with international teams are very appealing to me. In addition, the Vis Moot offers me the chance to improve my rhetoric skills and to gain theoretical and practical experience in international law that goes far beyond the usual content of my studies.


Jan-Willem Vortherms, 5th semester


B.A. in Business Administration, Foreign Law Program (US), stay abroad in the US


After studying mostly digitally during the COVID pandemic, it is now all the more appealing to explore new areas of law as part of a long-term team effort and be able to exchange and compete in person with students from all over the world. I am confident that the Vis Moot will not only help me in my legal education, but that I will also grow personally from the challenge.

Tim-Niklas Huth, 3rd semester


Foreign Law Program (US), constitutional Moot Court Osnabrück


I would like to use the participation in the Vis Moot to gain in-depth knowledge of UN Sales Law and arbitration law and to apply it to a case, defend my team’s position and, thereby, gain valuable practical experience. I am excited to be able to present the team’s results at the international competition.

Yannick Reinken, 5th semester


Foreign Law Program (UK)


In my perspective, the Vis Moot is a unique opportunity to develop professionally and personally. I am particularly interested in the exploration of a completely new area of law as well as the opportunity to exchange ideas with practitioners and other students from all over the world. Furthermore, I hope to be able to improve my language skills. I look forward to successfully mastering this challenge with my team.

Pia-Janine Heitmann, Lena Esser, Lisa Wessels und Ida Rüffer (left to right), Coaches

Having already successfully represented the University as participants and Student Coaches, Lena Esser and Ida Rüffer are now looking forward to mentoring the new team as this year’s coaches. Last year’s participants Pia-Janine Heitmann and Lisa Wessels will support the team as student coaches.