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C. Busch and V. Mak, Putting the Digital Services Act into Context: Bridging the Gap Between EU Consumer Law and Platform Regulation, 10 Journal of European Consumer and Market Law 109 (2021). 

C. Busch, Der Digital Services Act: Ein neuer Rechtsrahmen für den Online-Handel?, Zeitschrift für digitales Wirtschaftsrecht, 2021, 88-93.

C. Busch, I. Graef, A. Gawer, J. Hofmann, Uncovering blindspots in the policy debate on platform power, Study for the EU Observatory on the Online Platform Economy, March 2021, 31 pp.

C. Busch and A. De Franceschi (eds.), Algorithmic Regulation and Personalized Law: C.H.Beck, Nomos, Hart, Oxford and Munich 2020, XIII, 292 pp.

C. Busch, ヨーロッパにおけるオンライン仲介プラットフォームのための規制枠組みに向けて [Towards a Regulatory Framework for Online Intermediary Platforms in Europe], in: Kunihiro Nakata et al. (eds) Modernisation of European Private Law and Consumer Law and Developments in Japanese Private Law, Nihon Hyoronsha 2020, 126-141.

C. Busch, G. Dannemann, H. Schulte-Nölke, A. Wiewiorowska-Domgalska and F. Zoll, The ELI Model Rules on Online Platforms, 9 Journal of European Consumer and Market Law 61 (2020)

C. Busch, Self-Regulation and Regulatory Intermediation in the Platform Economy, in Cantero Gamito and Micklitz (eds.) The Role of the EU in Transnational Legal Ordering: Standards, Contracts and Codes, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham 2020,115-134.

C. Busch, Implementing Personalized Law: Personalized Disclosures in Consumer Law and Data Privacy Law, 86 University of Chicago Law Review 309 (2019) 


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