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Upcoming: Meeting of the Working Group, Osnabrück 15-16 March 2018

On 15 and 16 March, the ELI Working Group will meet at ELSI to discuss a new version of the Model Rules. For further info, contact:


Upcoming: Meeting of the Redaction Team, 19 February 2018

On 19 February, the Redaction Team will meet in Osnabrück to prepare a new version of the Model Rules for the upcoming meeting of the Working Group in March. For further info, contact:


Berlin Meeting, 16-17 November 2017

On 16 and 17 November 2017, the ELI Working Group on Model Rules for Online Intermediary Platforms met in Berlin. The meeting initiated the redrafting of the Discussion Draft. Three working teams were established to tackle various parts of the Draft. Major progress was achieved, despite certain challenges!