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New Project on Algorithmic Contracts
in Cooperation with the European Law Institute

In February 2022, Professor Busch has been appointed by the European Law Institute (ELI) as a Reporter for the new ELI Project on Algorithmic Contracts.

The two-year project, which is co-funded by the European Commission, will focus on the use of Algorithmic Decision-Making (ADM), in particular AI-driven learning systems, in the various stages of the contract lifecycle. The aim of the project team is to conduct first an "ADM readiness test" in order to assess the adequacy of the existing EU consumer law and, subsequently, to elaborate guiding principles and model rules for the use of ADM in contractual relations.

The project will be jointly lead by Professor Christoph Busch (Osnabrück), Professor Teresa Rodríguez de las Heras Ballel (Madrid), Professor Christian Twigg-Flesner (Warwick), Professor Marie Jull Sorensen (Aalborg) and Professor Darius Szostek (Warsaw).